This is me on my “soap” box!  I have never been convinced that hand sanitizers are a good idea.  There is nothing natural or cleansing about them.  Plus when killing any bacteria, the good go with the bad thus no protection from anymore bad.  What about the viruses?  They do not work on viruses, just bacteria, but now there is nothing good to fight them! A vicious cycle begins.  By the way, your hands still aren’t clean. 

So, it is not just me that would like proof that hand sanitizers work.  The FDA has told the manufactures that they need to provide proof of their claims.  I believe they have until September of 2017 to do this.  Also, some of the ingredients that have been used have been banned by the FDA. 

Want to build up your immune system?  Studies have shown that DIRT will do that!  Your skin absorbs what goes on it.  Dirt is not bad; it is in our world – everywhere!  Germs are not bad.  They too are everywhere.  We run to the doctors to get our immunizations which are actually the “germ” (virus) that you do not want to get.

 Of course, I do advocate washing of hands and body, just with products that are as natural as possible.  I like to be clean, not sanitized.

Ecotonix - Dirt - Path to Happines

Chart on Antibacterials from Huffington Post



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