Best Friends

Best Friends

Nubian Goats - Best Friends


June 8th is National Best Friends Day.  It’s not likely that too many people know about it, but I went searching, so not you do! 

Since this is the case, I am featuring Pan & Electra this month.  They are only a day or so apart in age so they have been together their whole lives.  They truly care about each other, as you can see from the picture.  We have many pictures very similar.

One-time Electra got very sick and we had to have an emergency vet call.  She was on the outside of the pen and Pan never left her.  It was very heart warming to see how much he cared and kept watching over her.  Thankfully, she recovered.  It would have been very heartbreaking if she hadn’t!

Each year Pan goes to the fair. She looks for him the whole time he is gone and they are both very happy when he comes home. 

They cuddle together every night sometimes allowing another goat to join them, but never separating.  They even wait for each other when going to the pasture!

Best Friends For Ever!  

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