Inga - The Featured Goat for March

Inga - The Featured Goat for March

Well I missed February!!  It started out very busy then I had to catch up and never got to this!  Anyway, here is Inga!

2020 Inga BabiesYoung Inga Saanen goat


Inga-Binga is what we call her.  Well one of the names anyway!  She also goes by Bing, Binga, Inga-Bing as well has her given name, Inga!  This name diversification happens a lot on our farm.  Sometimes the names vary greatly!

Inga is a very petite and sweet, Saanen goat.  She always answers when I call her by any of her names.  She “smiles” at me every time I talk to her.

 When she was very young, the baby group she was in consisted of about 6 little ones.  One of those little ones LOVED to eat!  She did most of the consuming of the grain on her own.  At first, I did not realize that Inga basically let her and therefore was not growing near as fast as the “eater”!  Once I noticed what was happening, I started bringing Inga out to have her grain privately.  This helped greatly, but she will always be a petite goat.

This has not affected her health or ability to produce very healthy babies and lots of milk!  She eats all her feed as well as the treats while being milked, then she gets to go free to eat hay in the barn while I finish milking.  She is spoiled!  Since she is petite, it is easy for her to hide between bales and be forgotten.  This is her goal and she has accomplished it several times! 

This year I am keeping the little doe that Inga had.  Her name is Lily and she is a spunky one!  Always up to mastering the next challenge and she eats well!

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