Nubian doe, Nubian goat

Kara the Nubian Goat - December's Goat of the Month!

Nubian goats cuddling  

    First up this month is Kara.  She is almost 10 years old!  Her birthday is January 20th.    I have not bred her for the last couple of years although she would likely be fine.  She is quite healthy.  I have been fazing out of Nubians (for no particular reason) so I decided that she could retire and be spoiled. 

     During her career as a production goat on our farm, she gave us quite a few adorable babies and served well as a milk producer.  She also got to go to the fair a number of times with our youngest daughter.  She loved exploring the midway and listening to the music! They were very good friends so Kara was well spoiled.  She still is!

     Kara’s favorite things are: peppermint candies, cuddling with her buddies, getting grain and attention, spending time in the pasture.