Morning Glory - The Featured Goat For May

Morning Glory - The Featured Goat For May

This month I will tell you about Morning Glory.  We lost Glory last year, but she lived a full and fun life! Generally, we called her Gloriness, because that was her personallity.  I decided to tell about her because this month has Mother’s Day in it and she loved the babies! 

She liked to watch over them and make sure they “behaved”.  I really don’t think they paid much attention to her efforts, but she was proud of herself.

After she retired, she assigned herself the job of “midwife”. She would wait attentively while the pregnant mother gave birth.  She would then steal the first baby.  If 2 were born then the real mom got one but if not, then it was hers.  I entered the barn one morning to find her proudly standing with a baby and a very confused real mom wondering what just happened!

The funniest, or maybe one would call it the oddest, time she tried to steal a baby was when we were out doing the milking.  I knew that Sapphire was having her babies so I was keeping an eye on the progression.  There were strange noises coming from the back of the pen so I checked.  I found Sapphire with the baby partially out, running around with Glory chasing her and cleaning off the baby!  The little one was not coming out correctly, but her head was completely out and dried off!  She was looking around very confused, Sapphire was very much wanting her out and Glory was taking good care of her! 

It was a very odd situation that ended well.  Not for Gloriness though.  She didn’t get the baby.

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