This month, I decided to feature Pan!  He is a wether, which is a neutered male.  Wethers are fantastic pets, so if anyone would like to have a couple of goats without the need to breed, have babies and milk, wethers are what you want!  They are very friendly and many people have described them as better than dog! 

They are often trained to pull carts and other things as well as carrying a pack!  This is what Pan does.  He has a beautiful red pack that can be filled according to his weight.  Him and his best friend, Becca, go through and obstacle course together and he must follow her through the whole thing.  He does very well, probably because he loves Becca! 

Goats will stay with the people they love which makes them great for going hiking and outdoor adventures. Larger goats can be equipped with a saddle pack to carry young children making it a fun adventure for the entire family!