The Goat for April is Maggie Doodle!

The Goat for April is Maggie Doodle!



This is Maggie!  And of course, she has nicknames!  Maggie Doodle, Doodle Girl and Doodles.  She knows all four names and always responds when she is spoken to.  If I talk to her she will answer and usually come over to me.  With a smile!

She always smiles!  If she is not, then something is wrong.  As you can tell from her pictures!  The ones that she is wearing the pink collar are from when she was about 4 or 5 years younger than the one with the blue collar and she is still smiling!  She is also very good at loosing collars!  She has had several different colors over the years.

Maggie Doodle is 7 years old now.  She has been to the fair several times and done a very good job showing off her beauty.  Maybe not the first year though.  She is very stubborn!!  She may have not been smiling either!

Doodles has given us very beautiful babies and lots of milk over the years.  She is taking a year off right now, but should be giving us milk again next year.   She can just be a spoiled free-loader now!  

The special that coincides with Maggie is 10% off all Patchouli products!

Here they are!