Eye Mites!

Eye Mites!

     Eye Mites!  I first heard of these while I was at the eye doctor recently for my yearly eye exam.  Thankfully he NOT was telling me that I had them, but was asking if I made products with Tea Tree Oil.  I told him I did and he proceeded to educate me on more benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

     It seems that there is a mite that prefers the face and particularly the eye lashes.  We can have these and not even know.  Many people do! They like to “snuggle down” in the base of them during the day since they prefer to come out at night.  This is the best time for them to reproduce. 

 Burrowing mites  MiteLashed with mites


  The proper name for this microscopic creature is Demodex folliculitis.  There are many types of mites, but this is the one that prefers the face.  Nice!  Actually, they do not do any harm but they feed on the dirt and oils that build up on our face and eyelashes. This also makes for great breeding grounds!  Their favorite is reported to be makeup that has not been removed.  The thought of mites mating on my face is disturbing to me! 

     There is hope though!  Of course keeping your skin clean on a regular basis is always important.  Wash twice a day and moisturize as needed.  (I moisturize each time I wash but adjust how much I use according to how much my skin needs.)   Tea Tree Oil is very effective in getting rid of these little guys!  Wash well twice a day paying special attention to the eye area.  Get those lashes clean!  Our Goat Milk Soap will help your skin be hydrated, smooth and fresh while the Tea Tree Oil will help eradicate unwanted “stuff”. 

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