Goat Milk Skin Care, soap, lotion, moisturizer, face cream, lavender


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     Did you ever think about the harsh treatment our faces get to experience?  All the elements life has to offer and some are not good. Yet we expect great things from our face without giving it the proper pampering it deserves. 

     These 2 ounce Facial Creams are luxurious and rich!  Made with wonderful natural ingredients such as Fresh Goat Milk (with natural alpha hydroxy acid), Aloe Vera GelGlycerin and Olive Oil, how can you go wrong? Glycerin and Olive Oil offer some protection from the sun also.  I have no idea how much, just more than none! (And it is Natural!)

     Pure Lavender essential oil in this face cream will relax you and your face! I use olive oil to create a very rich, hydrating facial cream along with the nourishing and healing qualities of the goat milk.  It helps firm, tone and keep your facial skin looking younger! 

     You can choose between our Face Cream with a combination of Shea Butter and Olive Oil and our original Olive Oil Face Cream.  Shea Butter is creamy and natural for a richer, less greasy feel.  Choose which variety you would like and be sure to use one of our soaps for a complete and natural cleansing experience!  Pair this up with a luxurious bar of Lavender Goat Milk Soap and be sure to take a look at the other products recommended for your face.

Give your Skin the Best!  Your face will thank you!!

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If you need more information to decide between Shea Butter or none, click here!


 Facial Cream 

  • All Natural, non GMO and organic ingredients
  • Made with fresh goat milk and olive oil - no coconut oil
  • Only pure essential oils used for scent
  • Aloe Vera enhances the healing qualities
  • Goat Milk helps slough off dead skin cells to keep your face smooth and fresh
  • Great for sensitive skin - hypoallergenic
  • Paraben and Formaldehyde free!
  • Use just at night or AM and PM.
  • 2 oz jar

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