Keep Healthy with our March Special

Keep everyone in your family as healthy as you can during this season! 

Our ALL Natural Liquid Foaming Soaps are gentle and thorough.  Washing hands is the best way to prevent the spread of "unwanted stuff" so why not enjoy the silky, rich foam of our liquid soaps!  The Essential oils that we add are always helpful in killing germs, bacteria and viruses - Naturally!  

Don't forget your Hand Sanitizer!  Sanitizes Naturally and smells great!  Pair this with our Fresh-N-Clean Foaming Soap for double the protection!  

Last but not least, our Foot Cream!  Seems odd, but our body absorbs what is put on our feet rather quickly and it goes through the whole body.  Our foot cream is of course soothing in itself, but we also add Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Cajeput essential oils which are all very helpful in protecting and fighting off nasty "bugs"!

Don't forget to use code INGA for your discount!