GOAT MILK PET SOAP - For Sensitive Pets

GOAT MILK PET SOAP - For Sensitive Pets

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  Are you using a pet shampoo that is truly natural and is it helping your pet?  If so, great!  If not, read on...

   You will find this soap to be delightful and easy to work with!  Extra castor oil is used to create a rich, creamy lather and the essential oils I have chosen are all well known for repelling fleas while at the same time helping to sooth and heal your pet's skin! 

     If your pet has problem skin (dry, irritated, smelly for no reason) you may find this soap be very helpful.  Others have!  Or maybe you just want your pet to be clean, soft and naturally fresh - our soap will do that also!

     While the essential oils may not kill the fleas, since they are not a harsh chemical, they will repel them and your pet will feel and smell wonderful!!  Cedar has been known to kill fleas but I am not sure if the concentration is high enough in my soap.

  • Rich, Creamy Lather!
  • Gentle and healing! 
  • Leaves fur soft, fluffy and fresh!
  • Repels fleas and smells delightful!
  • Easy to use bar - Just Scrub as you Rub!
  • ​Minimum of 3.5 oz

Handy tip - if your pet is small, cut the bar in half or even quarter it so that it is a better fit for you and your pet!