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Meet Some of Our Special Goats

Meet Daisy May (MayMay) our first official dairy goat and "Goat Representative" of Unscented Products! 

   You know the saying, dogs are a man’s best friend? Well, in this case, a goat was a girl’s best friend. Like all best friends, they had their squabbles. Like the times that MayMay dug her feet into the ground and refused to move around the ring when Natalie tried to show her at the fair.  Or that time that she gave birth for the 5th time and for the 5th time she had boys. All boys. Every. Single. Time. But even the squabbles resulted in nothing but fond memories. MayMay loved to play dress up. She thoroughly enjoyed  posing for pictures and she adored it when Natalie sang to her. Her favorite song was What a Wonderful World. If she felt that other goats got too much attention, she would stand in the corner and pout until Natalie apologized. She would slowly lift her head from the corner until her nose was straight up, her ears were flopped back and a big grin (yes, a grin) spread across her face. MayMay and Natalie were inseparable until the day she passed away, with Natalie by her side.


   Introducing Annabelle!  The "proud representative" of Lemon Ice.  This is because of her personality!

   Anna was one of our first goats,  I learned to milk on her – she was very patient!  He attitude was very headstrong, know-it-all and delightful!  If any other goat got too close to her she nipped them away and whenever we wanted to lead her anywhere she would get very indignant and her proud attitude clearly said ”I know what to do!”

   One time she got into a bucket of molasses.  She had the sticky mess all over her head!  She proudly acted as if it was planned and that she wanted molasses on her head!


 Morning Glory loves citrus peels so she gets to be the representative for non other than Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit!

   We call her Glory because she is a quietly elegant goat.  She loves to be pampered (as you can see) and she also likes to make sure the others respect her properly.  They get a quick but effective head butt if they don’t!  She is always compliant but defiantly must have her cheeks  rubbed before she will get off the milking stand. She will pull back slightly and tilt her head a bit which says ”rub my cheeks please.”  While being rubbed she stands peacefully with her eyes closed.

 I recently gave her a bell to wear on her collar.  She adores it!  The others like to ring it and she stands patiently (and elegantly) while they do!


  Bubbles gets to represent Pine Forest (she loves Pine!)

 Bubbies for “short”.  She completely lives up to her name!  She is always smiling, and when she was little there was always mischief to be found!  Playing was by far her favorite thing to do!  (It is for all baby goats but she was exceptionally good at it!). One cold day she and her friends were dashing about leaping and skipping.  Bubbles took a flying leap and landed on thin ice!  She burst out of the water very excited and was promptly greeted with towels and hugs.  Personally, I believe she enjoyed her landing even though it was quite startling!


   Tulipifera - Rep of Lemon Fresh Mint!

 Tulip was born late in the summer which was usual for us.  Most baby goats are born in the spring so she was an "only child."  Since she had no playmates at the barn the logical thing to do was to bring her to the house so we could play with her!  That meant she became very spoiled.  My daughters were young and Tulip was a great playmate.  Thankfully it was summer and most of the playtime took place outside vs in the house! 


  Denna Representative of Lemongrass Lavender!

 Denna  was a cool goat.  She had quite a personality.  My daughter spoiled her, but it was good.  They had a good relationship.  One day while they were taking an afternoon walk at the county fair, Denna, being as adorable as she was, attracted the attention of some fair goers.  One man decided to call her Lamb Chops!  This offended her greatly!  Her feelings were so hurt she hid her head in my daughters side causing the man to spend the next 5- 10 minutes apologizing profusely trying everything to win her affection!


Tammy-The fitting representative of Tea Tree Products

 Tammy Roo was her nickname. She was beautiful and won a lot of Grand Champions in her showing career.  She was gently and sweet and loved the baby goats.  She would herd them together and watch over them carefully.  Sometimes she would not let them go play and they did not enjoy that!  I guess her beauty and Grand Champions got to her head because she was also very jealous. She hated it if another goat had something she did not!  There are times when a goat will get wounded somehow and a wrap would be necessary.  We use the colorful wrap mostly they like the colors. Anyway, she would get very upset when this happened to someone else and she did not have one.  She would butt them and bite at the wrap.  One day my daughter realized that she was jealous!  We put one on her and she proudly pranced around the pen showing it off!  What a ham!  After that we were careful to include her if anyone got something out of the ordinary – for the sake of the other goat of course!


  Honey Bunn represents Honey n' Oats because she should!

     Honey was one of the cutest babies we had and she ended up staying with us because of it! Her eyes spoke very clearly that she loved us.  She was always happy and content. I remember one time her daughter was having a baby and I was not at the barn.  She was yelling for me at the fence which was very unusual for her.  I went to see what the problem was and she ran in the barn.  There was Maple (who was an adult by then) having her babies!  Everything was fine but Honey wanted me there.  She was so sweet!  That is why she gets too represent Honey n Oats!

   Gidgit - represents the only logical one for her!

 When thinking about which goat would represent which scent, there was no doubt about who should be the rep for Happy Feet Foot Cream!  Gidgit!  She is about the best dancer, skipper and escape artist that has ever been on the farm!  She can get out of anything, on anything and over anything!  She also has the most fun of just about any goat!  Her feet are defiantly the happiest feet ever, even though I have never used the foot cream on her!  I doubt she would be still long enough anyway!

 Meet Lavy!

   Her full name is Lavender which , of course, is why she gets to represent this scent!  Lavy was a very gentle, beautiful goat and, as the others, she was properly spoiled.  She got to go to the fair several times and loved it!  I think her favorite part was the music.  She loved to go for walks and always stopped where they were playing live music.  She would stand and watch and listen until we told her it was time to go in.  She would have stayed until they stopped playing!  The music may have taken second place to the peppermint candy that she got during her time at the fair though! 

PS - She also loved getting dressed up!


  Meet Tinkerbelle the representative for Clove!

I am not sure Tinkers is a good rep for this scent, but she is special so she gets one!  Tinkers is a demanding but compliant goat.  She has beautiful dark eyes and she uses them well to communicate!  She has been dear to my heart since she got very sick.  Because she wasn’t eating for a while, she lost a lot of weight and got very weak.  Since she was unable to stand and walk for a long time, I brought her fresh greens several times a day.  On nice days I carried her outside to sit in the grass and sun for a bit.  Gradually she was able to stand when I stood her and then one day I felt a little bump on my leg.  To my surprise and delight, there she was!  Her love and determination got her through!    

As I am writing this I realized that maybe she is a good rep for this scent.  It is very healing!