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Harvest Hills Skin Care All Natural Goat Milk Skin Care

Hand Sanitizer - All Natural

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Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizers are made with Aloe Vera Gel, witch hazel, essential oils and Jojoba oil and come in a 1 ounce spray bottle. 

Hands are sanitized naturally with the essential oil blend.  Skin will be soft and sanitized!  Not dried out and cracked. 

*All of the oils in this delightful blend of lavender, pine, cajeput, orange and tea tree are  have high antibacterial and antiviral qualities plus they smell refreshing and soothing. These are what do the sanitizing!

We are now offering 16oz refills.  Save your bottles and refill!  Plus, the refills are a savings of $2.88 per ounce!

These products are frequently bought with the Hand Sanitizer Foaming Goat Milk Soap and our Goat Milk Hand & Body Lotions.  

* The essential oils we use in this product have been researched and have either been proven or shown great promise in killing viruses and bacteria.  These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  (They don't seem to research essential oils).  We advise researching and making your own decision!

Note:  All of our ingredients, including essential oils, are carefully chosen because of the quality and natural benefits that they each offer.  These benefits are not FDA approved.  We do not claim that the user will see any changes in their skin.  We only suggest that others have found improvement. The user should do their own research to determine if they may be benefitted by using our products.

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