Freya and Skittles - Adventures of Two Cute Baby Goats

Freya and Skittles - Adventures of Two Cute Baby Goats

     Well Lil’ Frey and Skittles have become best friends!  Skittles has been out and about with Freya for the last couple of weeks enjoying the pasture and play along with the “big” goats.  Freya is, of course, the big sister and takes charge of situations.   When I give them hay, she makes sure it is played with enough before they eat.  Same with the grain. 

     Lil’Frey still enjoys being outside of the pen, in the barn.  That is the best playtime EVER!  Things can be pushed off and bang, spilled out and lots of noise can be made if one jumps on the correct “thing”!  She figured out how to launch herself over the fence in her little pen, so it is taller now!  Skittles is not sure all of the drama is necessary, but she enjoys the playtime.

Freya escaping, Freya and Skittles - Adventures of Two Cute Baby Goats   

      Freya trying to escape!

  Both little girls enjoy getting on the backs of the big goats.  Freya once jumped on someone’s back– standing- and went for a ride!  It was short due to the adult not enjoying it as much as Freya!  One afternoon I went to the pasture to give Skittles her bottle.  I called and she came running!  Daisy was in front of me so Skittles jumped on her back, straddling Daisy, and started sucking her bottle!  It was extremely cute but Daisy didn’t stay still long.  She was a bit confused about the situation!

     At the time of this writing, Freya is 6 weeks old and Skittles is 3 weeks! 


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