What Makes us Different and Why Buy from us?

Natalie & DaisyMay


 How we Started

Our passion for our business stems from a couple of different things.  First of all, I had a desire for our children grow up on a farm.  We had some cattle, but my passion was goats.  Goats are smaller and easier for children to work with and since it would mostly be me and them doing this, I decided goats were a good choice.  That may have been a bit selfish, but it worked out well!  It led to many life experiences, both sad and wonderful, and we still have a nice herd to produce the milk for us!  (Go Here if you want a more detailed story!)


Since we had plenty of milk from the goats, we ventured into soap making.  This was not such a popular thing back in 1999.  No YouTube.  Either read a book with instructions or try until I got it right.  I did not read the instructions, but I did learn a lot! 

Our soap making helped pay for the goats and gave the girls and I bit of experience in the world of being an entrepreneur. We worked on additional goat milk products and the hobby slowly grew into a business with a number of products that we are very proud of.

Our love for animals spread into developing a line of skin care products that has helped many have healthy, glowing skin with clean, natural ingredients. Our goats are fed non-GMO/organic feed and hay/pasture, plus we use natural and organic ingredients in our products.  This is very important to us and we aren’t willing to compromise! 

Ohio proud

It is important to us that we support local businesses!  This means those in Ohio as well as the USA.  The ingredients we use are from sustainable, ethical sources which we purchase from local suppliers.  Of course, the milk is from our farm.  You will notice that we offer several products that are not skin care.  These are local artists that I like and trust.

Boxes and most bags are made in the USA.  Any paper for packaging is USA made, and recycled.  Plastic packaging is saved and donated to us so that it can be reused.  The containers used in packaging our products are produced in the USA, PLUS, they are recyclable.

We are working hard to do our part for the environment, so please recycle and reuse!


Customer Service

We are proud of our products and want our customers to love them also!  If you have questions, call!  We answer!  If you want to “meet” us, again, call.  We will always make time.  Shipping is next business day or sooner if possible.   We have a return policy because that is just good business.

We would greatly appreciate you leaving a Google review as well as a product review.  These are so helpful to everyone!