Over the years we have had a number of common questions.  Hopefully this will answer questions you may have also.  If you would like more information on the ingredients we use, here is a link to that page.

Q - Why does my soap feel moist when I have not used it?

A - We call that "sweating" but it is not actually cominng from within the soap.  The natural glycerin attracts the moisture from the air and causes water droplets to form.

Q - What base do you use?

A - We don't use one!  All of our products are made from scratch.  No melt and pours, and no base. Individual ingredients added one at a time and mixed together!

Q - I am sensitive to Bee's Wax.  Which of your products do not contain bee's wax?

A-  Neither the bar soaps nor liquid soaps have any.  Neither do the Hand & Body Lotion in the pumps and tubes.  All others do!  OOPS!  None in the hand sanitizer either!

Q - Why should I use your products and which one should I choose?

A - Well...  I guess because they are good!  Seriously though, here is a link to my answer in detail. Which Product is for What?

Q - Do you make a shampoo?

A - Yes!!   Here it is and here us some information about it.

Q – Is your soap made with lye

A – Yes!  All soap is!  Melt and pour as well as glycerin soaps are all made with lye.  No soap is soap without it.  Lye creates the chemical reaction that causes the saponification process to take place. (Here is more about lye)

Q – Is the soap harsh?  Grandma’s was. 

A – No!  Goat Milk soap is particularly gentle.  Very soothing for sensitive skin. Here is more about Goat Milk Soap and Lotions.

Q – Does your soap lather?

A – Yes!  No artificial lathering agents are added or needed.  Our soaps have a silky luxurious lather that works great with a cloth, hands or a body buffer.

Q – Are your products safe for babies?

A – Yes!  Again, the fact that we use goat milk and natural ingredients make our products great for all skin types, including babies.  You may try the Unscented products if you are unsure how sensitive your baby is.

Q -  Will these products get rid of wrinkles?

A - No guarantees, but if you use our soap along with a moisturizer, you will have healthy, fresh, hydrated skin which will definitely look better!  See more in my blog about Younger Looking Skin.

Q - What is Optiphen?

A - You will find this in the ingredients list for all of my moisturizers and lotions. Since I am using fresh goat milk, in need to use a preservative.  I have chosen this one because it takes a very small amount (.9 %), there is NO paraben or formaldehyde and it works! 

 Q – Why is Borax in your moisturizers? Is it safe?

A- Short answer is that it balances the PH, and yes.  It is Boron and after reading different articles, I have decided that since there seems to be no evidence that it is dangerous when used in proper quantities on the skin AND that Boron can be taken as a supplement, then I feel safe using it in my skincare products. Read my blog about Borax.

Q - Do you really make all this?

A - Yes I do.  One batch at a time! But I do have help with a number of other areas of the business.  Eventually I will teach another person  so that I can have help when I need it.  My husband does most all of the cooking now though!  Go to my blog on this for more information and a video!  Go here!

Q - I have a question regarding the deodorant. I just purchased it at the Local Roots. You mentioned the color because of the clay. Will it stain my clothes? I love your lotions. We have well water, which tends to dry out my skin. But I like that I can apply it to my face without causing buildup. Lemon Freeh Mint is my favorite!!!

A - The feedback I received is that on white shirts they noticed that there was discoloration, but it did not stain.  It washed out easily.  The color was not noticeable on the outside of the shirt.  I have not seen any discoloration on my husbands shirts or mine though.  Maybe it depends on the person.  

Q - What method of shipping should I choose?

A - Of course, this is up to you but here is what I know.  Priority mail is a bit more expensive and promises to TRY to deliver within 2 days.  This is business days only and sometimes other factors can cause it to take longer.  USPS does not guarantee 2 day delivery.  First class is less expensive and generally has 2-5 day delivery.  This varies accourding to the distance the package needs to travel.