Our Story

My name is Deb and my Goat Milk Skin Care adventure started back in 2000.  

My daughter was old enough to start 4-H so I suggested getting a goat.  Well, there is a saying among people who raise goats, "Goats are like potato chips, no one can have just one."  So....our herd grew quickly and we soon had plenty of fresh goat milk. Several people suggested that I make goat milk soap.  At first I was not very interested, then someone gave me a bar that they had made.  Since I was using an expensive skin care and was thinking of making soap by then, I used it on my face.  I used the toner like I was supposed to but my cotton ball was clean.  At first I was puzzled, but quickly realized that my face was clean!  Not only was it clean, but soft, smooth and radiant!  

So started my goat milk soap journey!  Once I got the process figured out I started going to the Local Farmers Market to sell it.  This went well and I was hooked!  After a couple of years I added goat milk moisturizing cream.  This too went well, so over the years my Goat Milk Soap business turned into Goat Milk Skin Care.  I make a number of varieties of goat milk soap, and moisturizing cream as well as facial cream and hand lotion with natural and organic ingredients.  

My business is growing and slowly becoming a family run business with my husband and daughters helping out when needed.  We still raise our own goats and have a herd of around 20 (give or take 20 or so during kidding season)!  I love my goats and have fun with them so growing this business is important for them as well as us!