Our Packaging and the Environment - How we are doing our part

Our Packaging and the Environment - How we are doing our part

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Ok, so there is a lot of talk about taking care of the environment.  I guess I will jump in with what our company does. 

Our soaps come in two types of packaging at this time.  Most soaps that are offered online come wraped in a band.  In 2020 we started offering bars that are sold publicly in a box type wrap.  This covers more of the soap for your safety.  They all have as little packaging as possible which is healthy for the soap (it can “breathe”) and the environment.  No plastic!

While at first glance, glass seems to be reasonable choice for our other products, it is very impractical for what we do.  Heavy to ship, easily broken, etc.  Then there is tin.  Lighter, doesn’t break, but not easy to use for lotions or creams.

This leads me to the packaging that I have chosen.  The Hand and Body Lotion as well as the Facial Creams are packaged in PET containers.  These are safe for you and can be recycled.  They do not hold up under heat so they are generally not handy to reuse for products.  The facial cream containers may be nice to hand wash and use for storing small items or carrying in a purse with something small you need.  Maybe aspirin or jewelry?

The white packaging that I use for my other products is polypropylene.  The name sounds scary, but it’s not. It is safe for food and cosmetics and it can be recycled as well as reused.  They are light weight and affordable, which keeps the cost down for you.  I do not refill these containers, but you can!  Be creative.  They are durable and can tolerate heat so see what you can come up with!

All that said, the rest is up to you!  Any packaging that I would choose would ultimately be in your hands for disposal.  Be creative or recycle!  It is easy to just drop it in the trash can, but with a few more steps these items can go to the proper place where they can be recycled and not end up in a place they shouldn’t. 

There are many things in our world today that can destroy our world. Together we can make a difference!  

Here is more about who we are and what we do, and here is more about the ingredients we use.


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