Meet Our Team!

   Our business is growing and so is our team.   I now have help with a lot of the of the business.  So… I would like to introduce you to my team!  We could not be growing without everyone!


First up is Steve! He is my husband! His life career was in the steel business. He was involved in sales, purchasing and overseeing everything in between.  Over the years, he has helped with miscellaneous things as needed so he has always been a part of everything from the farm to the skin care. Since he has recently retired (or so he thought) he is in charge of shipping and deliveries.  He still does many miscellaneous things for the business, and since he has many years of business as well as sales experience, he keeps us on track with is business advice and technical details.  He also makes sure we have a nice dinner together after I am done milking the goats!


Danelle - product maker

   This is Danelle!  We have known each other for a number of years, and life has brought us to this point!  She makes most all of the products for us now!  She is also my fill in on the farm when I need extra help or when I am  gone!  Danelle also has her own business making herbal teas, culinary herbs and wood burned art.  Here is her website if you want to see what she does.

Eve's Pharmacy