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Even Goats Get Dry Skin! Goat Milk Products Can Help Dry Skin

     Many people have dry skin somewhere on their body. Dry itchy patches.  That one spot that won’t go away.  Most of us have had this problem at some point in our life!  Sometimes it is caused by the environment or maybe diet.  It could be genetic or hormonal, even an infection of some kind.      I am not a doctor or even a scientist, just someone who likes to try natural first, so here is my opinion!      MY first inclination is to change something in my routine that may be causing the problem.  Start with the easy stuff.  Once I changed laundry detergent.  Shortly after, several members of the family started having dry itchy patches show...

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Making Goat Milk Soap

As I mentioned in "Do I Make All This Stuff - Making the Lotion", I am often asked if I make "all this stuff"!  And again, YES!  From scratch, no melt and pour, no starter base.  For your enjoyment I have made a short video to show how I do it!  

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Making Goat Milk Lotion

I get asked often if I make everything.  Yes, I do.  I have been making the soaps since 2000 and started with the moisturizers shortly after that.  I am not a scientist but I can watch and learn.  By watch, I mean that as I work with ingredients, I see how they interact. (There was no YouTube when I started)!  Sometimes I want to add a new ingredient so I try and see if it works.  This is how I came up with my recipes.  I started with a basic recipe (not a base, this is made from scratch) then added too or took away until I had what I want.  There has been a lot of trial and error...

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