Body wash vs Bar Soap

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Body wash vs Bar Soap

 There are some companies that make fancy body washes that are very appealing and let’s face it, body washes have become quite popular over the years.  Lots of lather and scent.  But… It might be worth closer look if you are interested in what goes on your skin.

Here is what I know about each.

Body Washes

  • Look appealing. Color, packaging, etc.
  • Usually in a handy pump container.
  • Lathers well. Contains a lathering agent.
  • Smell is noticeable and sometimes lingers for a while. Fragrance oils are used, which are man-made.
  • Ingredients – Long list that you can look at yourself. They vary. The first ingredient is usually water. 
  • Not soap. Most are a cleanser, not a soap.  This means they are made with a number of chemicals and ingredients that can cause irritation and dry skin.

Bar Soap

  • Looks simple - It is!
  • Smells gentle due to essential oils. These will never be overpowering in our soap.
  • Lathers with a rich, creamy, silky lather. No lathering agents. 
  • Ingredients – Oils, fresh goat milk, lye (necessary for soaponification) essential oils. Some of our bars have oatmeal, honey and/or charcoal in them and some have no essential oils.  All ingredients are clean and sustainable!
  • Hydrating, soothing and gentle on your skin while leaving your skin clean! May help clear up dry skin and irritations.
  • Bar soaps are especially nice if you use a body buffer or soap net with them, plus, they can be used on the whole body, including your face!

** Some people really can’t get used to the idea of using a bar of soap. We make a liquid foaming soap that is as good to use as a body wash as it is for hands. Ours is completely natural and is made with a slightly different process than our bar soap.  While our bar soap has no water in it, the liquid foaming soap has a lot.  Still, the ingredients are simple and clean.  Water, oils, fresh goat milk, potassium hydroxide and essential oils.  These too, are gentle and clean thoroughly although, they are not as hydrating as the bars.

     If you or someone you know has trouble with dry itchy spots, psoriasis, or any other skin irritation, consider what is being used to wash with.  It could be worth it to switch to a bar of goat milk soap!







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