Goat Milk Soap

All of our Goat Milk Soaps are made here, by us and have nothing but pure, clean, natural ingredients.  Use them on your whole body, including your face, for soft, smooth, hydrated skin. You will enjoy the natural, light, fresh scent  that the essential oils give our soaps .  Never overpowering, just clean.

Here are some benefits of our Natural Goat Milk Soaps:

  • 100% Natural
  • Made from scratch with fresh goat milk and in small batches
  • No artificial fragrances - only 100% essential oils or nothing!
  • No detergents or foaming agents - rich, creamy lather naturally!
  • For use on face and body
  • Rich in vitamins and protein
  • Will not dry out your skin - Goat Milk is hydrating and Natural glycerin is retained.  
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Healing and naturally exfoliate
  • Minimum 3.5oz Bar