Making Goat Milk Lotion

Making Goat Milk Lotion

I get asked often if I make everything.  Yes, I do.  I have been making the soaps since 2000 and started with the moisturizers shortly after that. 

I am not a scientist but I can watch and learn.  By watch, I mean that as I work with ingredients, I see how they interact. (There was no YouTube when I started)!  Sometimes I want to add a new ingredient so I try and see if it works.  This is how I came up with my recipes.  I started with a basic recipe (not a base, this is made from scratch) then added too or took away until I had what I want.  There has been a lot of trial and error to get to this point! 

Over the years I have learned what I want and do not want in my products and will likely learn more as time goes on.  I enjoy working on products that I know are safe and seem to really help people manage skin problems or just have great looking skin!

Here are some photos of the “Making of the Lotion”!  The moisturizers in the jars is very similar.  Just some different ingredients and it goes in jars, not tubes or bottles.

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