Help, I have acne!

Help, I have acne!

So do about 80% of the population, but that doesn’t help, I know! 

Acne us usually caused by clogged pores from excess oil.  It is likely that you also have oily skin. 

What to do?

  • Treat it gently! 
  • Clean gently.  Use a soft cloth very carefully.
  • No exfoliation scrubs
  • Wash twice a day.
  • Keep skin hydrated! This seems like a contradictory statement, but oily skin is not necessarily hydrated and healthy. Use a soothing facial cream that will help your skin relax.
  • Help your skin to be healthy!  Unhealthy skin can’t heal well.

This is my “natural” advice.  No chemicals, no drying your skin out.  Just soothing and help your skin to be strong and glowing again. 

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