Benefits of Natural Shampoo Soap

Benefits of Natural Shampoo Soap

    I can only tell you about my experience with our shampoo soap and that people come back for more, so I guess it works for others also!  

     I started using our goat milk soap as an alternative and I liked it.  There was an initial change in my hair that I needed to get past.  My thoughts on that are that the build up of “stuff” from conditioners and other hair products came off and my hair was completely clean which felt different!  While my hair was soft and clean, it seemed to lack shine and manageability. 

     Once I started with the shampoo soap, the shine was back and it seems more manageable.  It is gentle on the hair and scalp! My hair is soft and full, but not frizzy.  

     Some have said that hair should be rinsed with diluted vinegar when using soap.  I found this to be unnecessary.  I have tried it and did not like it.  Maybe it is my water that lets this shampoo soap rinse clean.  You will need to determine whether you want to rinse with this or not.

Here are some of the benefits!

  • Healthy scalp and hair nourished by goat milk
  • Luxurious Lather
  • Naturally PH balanced which is what your hair wants
  • Helpful for all skin types and may help with eczema and psoriasis
  • Great All-in-One bar!  Use on your whole body!
  • No Plastic!  Great for the environment.

As a side note, I have been using a beard oil on my hair as an alternative the the commercial leave in hair products.  It is perfect for me!  Only a couple of drops does the trick and my hair is never frizzy plus, I have NO "un-natural stuff" in my hair!  Here is a link to the Beard Oil that I like.  The Stylin' Stache Company  Of course our Shampoo Soap works great for cleaning beards as well!

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