Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Why is Tea Tree essential oil so popular?

The use of Tea Tree oil originated in Australia where, for centuries, the Aborigines used the oil from the leaves medicinally.  Now we use the oil that has been extracted from the leaves, thus it is handy and widely available.

Studies have shown that Tea Tree oil may be helpful for many ailments, so here are some.


Athlete’s foot – use a cream with the oil in it twice daily. Tea Tree Intense Moisturizer 

Acne – apply cream lightly daily.  Lemongrass Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion

Hand Sanitizer – Some studies have shown Tea Tree oil to be antibacterial which makes it great to use in a natural hand sanitizer.  We do! All Natural Hand Sanitizer

Insect Bites and minor scrapes. Again, apply a lotion or cream as needed.  Tea Tree Intense Moisturizer 

Insect Repellent – Our Lemongrass Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion may be helpful for this!

Deodorant – Since Tea Tree oil is believed to be antibacterial, it may be helpful in controlling the odor that can be caused by sweating.  Our deodorant has a combination of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils.

Of course, since Tea Tree oils is believed to be helpful in all of the situations above, it stands to reason that using a soap made with it would be a logical choice!

Photo is from https://www.planthealthaustralia.com.au/industries/tea-tree/

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