This is why we use charcoal in our soap

This is why we use charcoal in our soap


Charcoal – Sounds rather “Yuck” but it has been used for centuries to treat a variety of internal and external conditions.  Of course you will not want to go to your grill and collect the left over coals from grilling last night’s dinner!  The charcoal used in skin care products (and what I use) is an activated charcoal which is a clean and  VERY fine powder.

It is used regularly in hospitals to absorb toxins that have been consumed as well as poisonous bites and as a disinfectant.  I have used it with great results to treat goats that have eaten poisonous plants by accident. 

Charcoal also offers great benefits for the skin.  Since it is not absorbed into the skin but it itself absorbs toxins, dirt and oils, it is a natural choice in skincare. 

Used in a regular cleansing routine it has been known to:

  • Help shrink pores
  • Absorb and draw out toxins and bacteria as well as any other chemicals or tiny particles your skin has found.
  • Help heal and prevent acne
  • Absorb oil for those who have oily skin and if using my goat milk soap it will also heal and keep your skin healthy and strong
  • Has been known to help sooth dry skin with irritations such as psoriasis and eczema

Charcoal and natural goat milk soap is an ideal combination for troubled skin.  Mine has no essential oils in it which seems bland, but sometimes sensitive skin cannot handle even an essential oil.  I recommend following your cleansing with a moisturizer that will suit your skin.  A little moisture goes a VERY long way so even if you have oily skin, you can benefit from using a moisturizer at least at night. 

Here is more information on which essential oils will be helpful to you.

Harvest Hills Charcoal Goat Milk Soap


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