How much milk is in our products?

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How much milk is in our products?

 Obviously, our main products are made with goat milk.  Fresh goat milk, not powder or a premade “base”.  We use the milk from our farm.  Our animals are fed organic grain and hay plus they have free access to pasture.  Our goats are happy and content, so they produce rich, wholesome milk which is sweet and yummy!

The “yummy” part doesn’t apply to our products, but the rich, wholesome part does!  This is what sets our products apart from others.   This means your skin gets rich, creamy products that are high in nutrients that it can use.  Thus, your skin is hydrated and healthier!  (More about goat milk in skin care)

If you have read the ingredients page, then you are aware of what is in each product, so I won’t go over that here.  My goal here is just to inform you of the percentage of milk in each product.  We try to use as much as possible without compromising the quality of the product. Over the years I have been able to tweak the recipes and raise the percentage of milk. 

  • Bar soaps: approximately 28% - This means it is over one quarter goat milk! (A bit less in the Jewel Weed because of the Jewel Weed extract)
  • Hand & Body Lotion:  approximately 44%
  • Intense Moisturizer: approximately 31%
  • Facial Cream: approximately 31%
  • Foot Cream approximately 31%
  • Liquid soap:   approximately 3%   This has the smallest percentage since it has quite a bit of distilled water, but it is still richer and more hydrating that foaming soaps without milk.


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