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Soap Nets

Soap Nets

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Soap Nets

These are one of the few items that we purchase to resell.  Personally I really like them so we are offering them to you!

  • They enhance the lather on our soaps, and prolong the life of your bar. 
  • Gentle and exfoliating.
  • As the bar gets low, the pouch can be opened up and a new soap placed inside; small slivers no longer need to be thrown away!
  • Soap dries completely doesn't leave a mess.  Simply hang to dry or set in a soap dish to dry.
  • Wash and reuse.

Buy one for each shower, camping, kitchen or where ever soap is needed!

We are offering two varieties for a while.  Our original supplier had some set backs (a hurricane) and they were not able to supply them for a while.  These are much better quality and made in the USA. Choose "Original" if you would like these.

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