Choosing which is best soap for you could be confusing. This article should help.

Choosing which is best soap for you could be confusing.  This article should help.

Goat milk soap



Our soaps differ from most others because of the fresh goat milk they are made with. (See "Why Goat Milk "). While some of our soaps are made with different oils, the main difference between the varieties comes when we add the “special ingredients”!

Really, that means the essential oils (or none), charcoal, honey, oatmeal etc.  Each of these ingredients make every variety unique.  Here is a list that I hope will be helpful in choosing the soap that will most benefit you!


Charcoal – Fantastic for blemished and troubled skin.  No added essential oils so everyone can use it.

Honey & Oats – Helps psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, but great for everyone.

Lavender – Relaxing, soothing, helps heal scars and blemishes.  Good for sensitive skin or anyone.

Lemongrass Lavender – About the same as Lavender but with a touch of lemongrass that many people love.

Unscented – This has olive oil added to it and no essential oils making it a wonderful soap for those with very sensitive skin.  I have had many return customers who have found this to be very helpful on skin that has problems with just about everything else.

Lemon Fresh Mint – Delightful scent and is helpful for oily skin.  I would not recommend it for sensitive skin though due to the mint. 

Litsea & Howood – Fresh lemony scent that is good for oily skin.  The goat milk is healing and will encourage healthy skin while the Litsea Cubeba and Howood essential oils help control oils.

 Tea Tree – Has been used for centuries for healing wounds because of its anti-bacterial qualities.  It is very helpful for healing troubled skin or just plain bathing!

Lemongrass Tea Tree - The same qualities as Tea Tree but the Lemongrass gives this soap a fresh, zippy scent which is quite different from the Tea Tree.

RosemaryPeppermint and Oatmeal – Wonderful for cleaning hands and bathing!  The oatmeal is helpful for gently removing stubborn dirt and dry skin while the rosemary and peppermint have strong anti-bacterial qualities.

Patchouli – Warm wonderful, rich scent.  Has anti – bacterial qualities and is excellent for troubled skin and aging skin.

Clove – Clove is said to have been showing promise in fighting skin cancer.  It has many other qualities including antiseptic which makes it great for a natural hand sanitizer or again, bathing!


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