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How to help oily skin

Tea tree soap and lotion


Oats and Charcoal

Oily skin facial kitHow to help oily skin?


     Oily skin can be quite a challenge!  Some are just prone to it while others battle dry skin.  No amount of doctoring or prescriptions can change that.  This may help some of the problems caused by it though.  The best thing we can do for our skin is take care of it.  Dry, oily or normal.  The first thing I do health issues is  ask myself if what I am consuming could be contributing to the problem.  Next is how am I caring for myself.  Proper supplements and such, but also, how am I caring for my skin.  Since our skin absorbs what is on it, this is important.

   Back to oily skin.  Of course, the first problem is that it is oily and prone to breakouts, but some products that are specifically for oily skin dry it out without actually clearing up the oil.  Then the skin is dry and flaky as well as oily!  One reason for this may be because the PH of the skin is off.  When this happens, our skin works extra hard to restore itself to the proper level.  This causes stress.  Stress is never good! 

   The skin needs to be hydrated which is different than oily skin.  Hydrated skin is healthier and with the proper PH level, it can do its job better and easier.  Unhealthy skin can get in a cycle of trying to fix itself which can cause the breakouts, dry/oily skin and discomfort.

   Goat milk naturally hydrates and is very close to the natural PH in our skin.  I have checked our soaps and they are right in the neutral range.  Now, the skin is not fighting as much and can deal with the problem at hand. 

   We have several products that have even more added benefits.  Two of our bar soaps have charcoal in them. One of these has essential oils and oats that are also very helpful.  We offer a tea tree soap which is very helpful for breakouts and some of our facial creams have Shea butter in them which is fantastic for helping to heal and hydrate oily skin without causing more “grease”.


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