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Harvest Hills Skin Care, LLC

Natural Laundry Soap - Pure and Gentle

Natural Laundry Soap - Pure and Gentle

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Get your clothes clean with Natural Laundry Soap - Pure and Gentle.

Made with natural ingredients and safe essential oils, this laundry soap is tough on stains but gentle on your skin. No harsh chemicals here, just pure and gentle cleaning power!

Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per load depending on the size and soil.  You may add borax for an extra boost if you desire. Up to 32 loads.

****NoteLaundry Detergents can be a source of unexplained skin irritation. This is soap, not detergent.  It is made by us with only 5 ingredients.  Soaponified Palm and Coconut oil, water, washing soda and essential oils, except for the Unscented.  

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