Lemongrass Sage Hand & Body Lotion

Lemongrass Sage Hand & Body Lotion

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Oh My Goodness!  I had never smelled these 2 oils together, but I had a number of requests for this so here it is!  I am very pleased!  

I am not sure how to describe the scent, maybe some of you can help.  We went slightly heavier on the Lemongrass since Sage is a dominate scent.  

If you have tried our Hand & Body Lotions before, then you are familiar with the rich, creamy, long lasting moisturizing they give.

Remember to subscripe and save & forget it! You choose how often you want it delivered.

The 8oz pumps will be available as soon as the bottles are available to me!  They are out of stock everywhere! So for now you may only purchase the 4 oz tubes.