Q – Is your soap made with lye

A – Yes!  All soap is!  Melt and pour as well as glycerin soaps are all made with lye.  No soap is soap without it.  Lye creates the chemical reaction that causes the saponification process to take place. (Here is more about lye)

Q – Is the soap harsh?  Grandma’s was. 

A – No.  Goat Milk soap is particularly gentle.  Very soothing for sensitive skin. Here is more about Goat Milk Soap and Lotions.

Q – Does your soap lather?

A – Yes!  No artificial lathering agents are added or needed.  Our soaps have a silky luxurious lather that works great with a cloth, hands or a body buffer.

Q – Are your products safe for babies?

A – Yes!  Again, the fact that there are no artificial ingredients make our products great for all skin types, including babies.  You may try the Unscented products if you are unsure how sensitive your baby is.

Q -  Will these products get rid of wrinkles?

A - No guarantees, but if you use a soap along with a moisturizer, you will have healthy, fresh, hydrated skin which will definitely look better!  See more in my blog about Younger Looking Skin.

Q - What is Optiphen?

A - You will find this in the ingredients list for all of my moisturizers and lotions. Since I am using fresh goat milk, in need to use a preservative.  I have chosen this one because it takes a very small amount (.9 %), there is NO paraben or formaldehyde and it works! 

 Q – Why is Borax in your moisturizers? Is it safe?

A- Short answer is that it balances the PH, and yes.  It is Boron and after reading different articles, I have decided that since there seems to be no evidence that it is dangerous when used in proper quantities on the skin AND that Boron can be taken as a supplement, then I feel safe using it in my skincare products. 

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