Full List of Ingredients


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   What goes into our skin care is very important to me.  I am careful to use natural ingredients,  which can be limiting at times, but that's ok with me.  NO chemical fragrances are used and we are careful to use high grade essential oils. our soaps are not artistic and beautiful either.  This requires color and MOST colorants are not pure.  (Deb's thoughts on colorants) I choose not to use these, so my soaps are just wonderfully luxurious and great for all skin types.  

  In addition to the ingredients listed below, my products are made with lots of love and care from beginning to end!  The goat milk is produced by our goats, and the other ingredients are sourced from a sustainable supplier.

    We have had some questions about the containers we use for our lotions and moisturizers.  Here is a link about that!

Bar Soap

All bar soaps contain:

In addition to the above ingredients, these also contain (or not):

  • Unscented - olive oil and no essential oils
  • Honey n' Oats - organic honey, rolled oats, olive oil
  • Rosemary, Peppermint and Oats - rolled oats and Madder root (for red coloring)
  • Lavender and Lemongrass Lavender - Alkenet root and Madder root for purple coloring
  • Charcoal -  Charcoal and No essential oil

Liquid Goat Milk Soap

This soap is made a hot processes and contains: 

Essential oils are listed according to the scent with the exception of Vanilla which is 100% organic vanila powder.


Facial Cream

  •  Unscented contains no essential oils




  • Unscented contains no essential oils
  • Sunscreen contains zinc oxide and no essential oils


Foot Cream


Hand or Body Lotion

  • Unscented contains no essential oils


Lip Balm

Coconut oil, Shea Butter, bees wax, coco butter, essential oil

  • Just Plain Good (Unscented) contains no essential oils
  • Vanilla contains Olive Oil, NO coconut oil and 100% pure vanilla - incredibly yummy!

 Shampoo Soap

Saponified: Palm oil, coconut oil, Fresh goat milk, castor oil, Olive oil, Shea butter, Essential oil