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Since there is a pond on our property, we get an assortment of water fowl visiting.  Over the years we have had some fun varieties here and since I like bird watching I get excited when an unusual variety lands and spends some time here.   Geese, however are not so unusual.  Not in Ohio anyway.  When we first moved here 27 years ago, a couple of pairs decided to nest here.  We were delighted!  Babies came and they were so cute! (They still are).  The next year was about the same.  We watched with anticipation as the babies grew and then flew.  Over the years of watching them we realized that geese have a daily routine.  Same places and...

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My day starts out like most people with the alarm waking me.  Generally around 5:30 so I can be to the barn by 5:45 – 5:50. Most mornings are peaceful and I enjoy the walks to the barn.  If the morning sky is clear, the stars are amazing.  Sometimes I can see shooting stars and one morning there was a meteor shower!  That was delightful!  When the moon is full or at least almost full, that is another treat!  The moonlight brightens everything and the moon shadows are cast over the fields.  I can see it setting in the west and that too is quite beautiful.  Sometimes it is deep orange and sometimes lighter.  Sometimes it is just white, but...

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