True Love! The story of Tinsel and Razzelflaban

True Love!  The story of Tinsel and Razzelflaban, mother goat with baby goat

True Love!  The story of Tinsel and Razzelflaban


     Once upon a time a little goat was born.  Her name was Tinsel. She was pure white and very beautiful!  However, a couple of weeks after she was born an accident happened which caused her to loose one of her front feet.  This was extremely hard on her caretakers since they loved her very much.  (It was harder on them then it was on her).  Because she was so special, she quickly became very spoiled!  She was carried everywhere, even though she got around fine. 

     She grew into an elegant doe (adult female goat) and she continued to receive special treatment from her caretakers even though she kept up with the rest of the herd just fine.  Including participating in the escapes!  During the winter she had free reign of the barn so that she could easily eat without competition. 

     One day as her caretakers were working in the barn, they noticed that she was developing an udder!  This did not make sense since the plan was to not breed her due to the fact she carried her body awkwardly. 

Well as time went on, it became apparent that she had taken matters into her own “hands”!  Despite her caretakers’ concerns, she delivered a beautiful baby boy!  She was totally in love and the best mommy EVER!  He was named Razzleflabben.  She cuddled and protected him and they became very close. 

     As Razzleflabben grew he started to protect and care for his mom!  Sometimes the others would pick on her and he would have none of it!  It seemed they were together every minute! 

     One day in particular, Tinsel and Olivia were head butting.  This was common between goats and generally just play.  Tinsel usually held her own just fine, but today Olivia caught her off guard.  Tinsel was on the ground with Olivia preparing to come in for a hard hit!  Her caretaker could not get there fast enough to stop the inevitable, but Razzleflabben could!  He darted to his mom’s aid taking on Olivia and staying by mom’s sided until help arrived!  As Tinsel was taken out of the pen to regroup, he walked right by her side, protecting her! 

     Razzles (as he was fondly called) continued to be his mom’s protector and best friend all the way to the day she passed away.  He seemed to understand her passing and is doing well. 

     The caretakers of these 2 lovely goats have been very blessed to have gotten to witness such a bond of love!



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