The Canadian Geese are very entertaining!

Geese in barn

The Canadian Geese are very entertaining!

Since there is a pond on our property, we get an assortment of water fowl visiting.  Over the years we have had some fun varieties here and since I like bird watching I get excited when an unusual variety lands and spends some time here.  

Geese, however are not so unusual.  Not in Ohio anyway.  When we first moved here 27 years ago, a couple of pairs decided to nest here.  We were delighted!  Babies came and they were so cute! (They still are).  The next year was about the same.  We watched with anticipation as the babies grew and then flew. 

Over the years of watching them we realized that geese have a daily routine.  Same places and same times.  Mom, babies then Dad all walk in a little parade to the destination for that time of day.  At first it is short swims but gradually turns into short walks on the edge of the pond, then into the barn to steal any grain they can find.  Of course, they leave behind the “piles of evidence” that they were there.  When it is hot and the fan is on, they camp out in front of it on the cool concrete.   

They also watch our routine and know when we will be where.  One example of this is when the girls were in 4-H we raised broilers.  We tried to have them as free range as possible so that meant that the food was in the open.  Our dogs kept them safe so this set up worked very good for us.  However, the geese discovered the feed.  I did not realize this right away and was puzzled and impress with how well the broilers were eating that year.  One day my routine was different so they were being fed at a different time.  When I got to them I discovered why the feed was going so fast!  The geese were not happy to be found.  I shooed them away and they complained and squawked.  The following day I went up to be sure they were not stealing the food again and they were not there.  I was pleased, but they were also nowhere to be seen so I was puzzled. 

At that time of year, the corn was about knee high and the geese are also.  Yep, you guessed it!  There in the corn field were about 12 heads spying on me as quiet as can be.  I so wish I had a video at that time!   As soon as they realized they were discovered they started talking about it and paraded down to the pond. 

If that wasn’t enough, I needed to run to the house for something and by then they were on the far side of the pond.  They saw me going to the house and quickly swam across and headed for the broilers!  I was both impressed and frustrated, so I had to laugh. 

Even though they make a mess, I have found enjoyment in watching them over the years. 




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