Mornings on the farm

Mornings on the farm, sunriseMornings on the farm, morning reflection on the pond

Mornings on the farm

My day starts out like most people with the alarm waking me.  Generally around 5:30 so I can be to the barn by 5:45 – 5:50. Most mornings are peaceful and I enjoy the walks to the barn. 

If the morning sky is clear, the stars are amazing.  Sometimes I can see shooting stars and one morning there was a meteor shower!  That was delightful!  When the moon is full or at least almost full, that is another treat!  The moonlight brightens everything and the moon shadows are cast over the fields.  I can see it setting in the west and that too is quite beautiful.  Sometimes it is deep orange and sometimes lighter.  Sometimes it is just white, but I love watching the moon set.  From the hill where the bucks are housed the view is wonderful.  It is a bit darker up there so I can see the stars more clearly and when the moon is out everything looks so peaceful. 

I can’t forget to mention the smells!  I love the spring smells!  Blossoms, fresh dirt, pines and even manure!  The smells change in the summer and fall but they are all wonderful.  Winter even has some smells.  We have a wood burner and I love the smell of that.   

Once in the barn, all the animals wake up and say hi.  They are a little slow about this when it is cold, but I don’t blame them.  They are all cuddled and warm and really don’t want to get up.   I start on my routine.  Lights on, things in place, boys fed and hay served.  Then for the milking.  Set that up and each goat knows their turn so they come out accordingly.  I love the smells and the  “lovens” from each goat.

Baby goat time is delightful and fun.  As they grow they have different pens and different play times.  Eventually they are all in one pen which allows them to mingle with the adults and play outside.  They get their “milkies” which always makes for happy, wagging tails.  They hop and play with each other and on whatever they can get on! I have a fun video of morning playtime on my YouTube channel.  Here is the link if you want to take a look.  Playing Baby Goats 

Chores are done and I head to the house.  It is usually getting lighter by now and the sunrise is showing off.  I feel very blessed to live where we can enjoy both the sunrises and sets!  So many amazing sunrises!  I usually stop and enjoy the morning sights and sounds, I don’t linger too long when it is cold though.  

This takes up the first couple hours of my day.  A great and peaceful way to start!


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