Choosing the right product for you!

Choosing the right product for you!

      Over the years I have been asked lots of questions!  I enjoy these.  They make me think about my products more deeply.

     The majority of the questions have to do with “What will help my skin”.  Therefore… I decided to give a general explanation one each product and how it may help, all in one place. 

Note:  All of our ingredients, including essential oils, are carefully chosen because of the quality and natural benefits that they each offer.  These benefits are not FDA approved.  We do not claim that the user will see any changes in their skin.  We only suggest that others have found improvement. The user should do their own research to determine if they may be benefitted by using our products.


#1 – Goat Milk Soap Bars

                Our bar soaps have NO water in them.  Most do, even goat milk soaps.  This makes these bars very hydrating, nourishing, gentle and healing.  Plus they are 100% natural.  Most people notice a difference right away.  Here is a list of some of the areas these bars have helped others.

  • Dry skin on legs and elbows
  • Faces!  These bars are great for cleaning your face!  They will help heal dry patches and leave your face completely clean and not “stripped” or gooey.  Here is a link to the products I suggest for your face.
  • Hands do not have to be dry and cracked.  I understand that some working environments require certain soaps/cleansers be used, but after work, give your hands a nice wash with one of these bars and follow with the Intensive Moisturizer.  You can use the Hand & Body Lotion for all day comfort and hydrating.
  • Babies – These bars are great for babies.  If you are concerned about the essential oils, use the unscented bar.  You may find it convenient to cut the bar to a size that would be easier to use.
  • Children - They love bars of soap!  I know, odd, but I have been consistently surprised at the number of children that are entranced with these bars of soap and ask for Mom to buy some for them.  They are not harmful in any way, but they don't taste good.  They can be used for the whole-body including hair.  
  • Tip - Bars can easily be cut for smaller hands.
  • Pets – I make a bar specifically for your pet but any will do fine.  The one for pets is better though.  It includes extra oils for softening your pet’s skin and essential oils that will ward off pests.  Again, if the bars are too large for you or your pet just cut it to the size you want.  I large knife will work fine. See Pet Soap.


#2 - Moisturizers

     These are our Intense Moisturizers.  With Aloe vera gel, coconut oil and goat milk being the main ingredients, these are fantastic for healing dry, damaged skin.

     Here are some ideas for using these moisturizers:

  • Dry, cracking hands or feet.  We have a Foot Cream specifically made for feet.  It is wonderful! 
  • After bath or shower for complete nourishing and hydrating on your whole body.  Never have dry skin again!
  • Wounds that are healing.  The skin around the wound stays healthy therefore healing takes place better.
  • Sunburn and windburn.
  • Babies – again, if your baby is sensitive you may try the unscented.  ALSO, we make a Sunscreen with zinc oxide in it and it is fantastic for irritated baby behinds. 
  • Elderly skin - Our skin gets so fragile as we age.  Medications and time take their toll.  Bathing with our goat milk soap and following with one of these moisturizers will be a great help and relief!

#3 - Facial Cream

     Well, these are great for your face!  I guess you figured that though 😊.  Anyway… I make two varieties.  One with Olive oil and the other with Olive oil and Shea butter.  Both are made with aloe vera gel, and goat milk so they are both smooth, rich and nutritious but they hydrate differently. 

     Olive oil, Aloe vera gel and Goat milk are some of the best ingredients to help facial skin become a glowing picture of health.  Since both Olive Oil and Goat Milk have anti-aging properties and it is rumored that Cleopatra (the Egyptian beauty queen) used both Olive oil and Goat Milk to enhance her beauty, how can one go wrong with the choice of either facial cream?  The answer - You can't!

 Shea butter works differently and adds qualities that are also benificial,  which is why I decided to make a variety with it. Here are the benifits of each:

Olive Oil

  • Evens out skin tone and coloring
  • Gives a natural glow
  • Doesn’t clog pores.
  • Give some protection from the sun.


Shea butter adds:

  • More anti-aging properties (Goat Milk and olive oil are also good for this)
  • Helpful for healing acne
  • Helpful for oily skin.  (I know this sounds wrong, but often, oily skin needs hydration.)
  • Helps improve elasticity of your skin.


#4 - Hand & Body Lotions

     These are completely different from my moisturizers, which is why I make both!  These have some water where the other products do not.  However, Goat milk and the oils make up the greater part of this recipe.  These lotions are rich, smooth and NOT greasy. 

This makes them great for:

  • On the go moisturizing for your hands
  • Whole body lotion when intense moisturizing is not needed.
  • May be used on your face when a very light moisturizing is needed.
  • At work where fragrances are not allowed, use the unscented so you do not need to have dry uncomfortable hands all day.

#5 - Foot Cream

    This is my favorite!  I love using a foot cream at night.  In the past my feet were callused and “tough”.  They were not painfully cracked as some can be though.  I make this cream about the same as my moisturizers but I add Shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil and coco butter along with the coconut oil.  This combination along with Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Cajeput essential oils make this a “must have” for anyone with tired, sore, dry or happy feet!  They will definitely be happier!


#6 - Sunscreen

     This  is made about the same as our moisturizers but we have added zinc oxide to it for a natural sunscreen. This is a thick white cream and can be used as a light sunscreen.  Zinc oxide is a sun block when used as a paste (you may have noticed people with white noses at the beach).  Our Sunscreen is made to blend into your skin so it will not be a block.  There will be protection of no more than 30 SPF.  If you burn easily and will be on a beach, you may want more protection.  You can try applying a thick coat for more protection. 

Other uses include:

  • Baby behinds – rashes, redness and protection
  • Poison Ivy – relieves itch and speeds up healing
  • Rashes and irritation on your skin.


** This product is made with coconut oil and it will melt when it gets hot.  If you will be in the hot sun, please keep this in a cooler or cool spot.

      If you would like more information on the ingredients I use, here is the link!


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