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Your Dog Deserves the Best

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Your Dog Deserves the Best


 Our pets are at our mercy for their care.  Regular grooming is essential for not only for eliminating those “fur tumbleweeds” from our homes, but for the health of our pet.  Brushing helps spread the natural oils throughout the coat and bathing helps rid the skin and coat of dead skin, dust mites and allergens. But what are we using to do this?

   Recently pet owners have been increasingly aware of what we feed our pets.  We want natural, healthy food and treats, but what about taking care of their skin?  Animals have allergies and dry skin sometimes more than we do!  It’s easy to give them a bath hoping that will help, or assume they have fleas (which they may) and give a flea treatment.  Doing this can be helpful, but sometimes it isn’t.  Not to mention animal skin absorbs what is put on it just the same as human skin.  So what are we putting on it?

Our ALL NATURAL Pet Soap is an All Natural, Homemade Bar! 

We make it with:

  • Palm Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil
  • Fresh Goat Milk – soothes irritation, moisturizes and gets rid of dry itchy spots.
  • Essential Oils to chase off “bugs” – Cedar, Lavender & Lemongrass – Smells Great!!
  • Lathers with a rich creamy lather
  • Comes in a bar for easy application – just scrub as you rub!
  • Rinses thoroughly and leaves your pet soft and fresh!



Our Natural Pet Soap is Free of:

  • Colorants or dyes
  • Fragrances or perfumes - only essential oils
  • Mineral oil
  • Foaming agents – it lathers naturally

Find it here! All Natural Pet Soap


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