Shampoo vs Goat Milk Soap

Shampoo vs Goat Milk Soap

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 A dry itchy scalp led me on a journey of investigation to learn about shampoos.  Some “experts” say you should never use a bar soap on your hair.  In the case of a commercial bar soap I would agree!  I don’t think that a commercial soap is good for anyone ever, but that is my opinion.  There may be scientific studies to back that up, but I do not know of them.  I haven’t looked either! 

Anyway, here are some things that I knew to begin with:

  • My scalp was dry and itchy
  • Switching products helped for a little while, but then back to the itchy scalp.
  • The rest of my body was never dry or itchy.  (I use my goat milk soap and moisturizer).

Things that seem logical to me:

  • Scalp is skin, hair is not living, therefore, a healthy scalp should produce healthy hair.
  • Goat milk soap is hydrating and nourishing so that should help my scalp.


What I found out:

  • As I mentioned, hair is not living, therefore it can only be coated and shined up.  The scalp is really what needs to be kept healthy.
  • Shampoos have a number of ingredients that are actually harmful and dry out skin and hair as well as ingredients that are very controversial. Water is an ingredient that will dry out your skin.
  • Conditioners did not become a “thing” until after shampoos came about.  (Humm…)
  • Hair needs to have the proper PH, although so does our skin. (My soaps are the proper PH).
  • Some of the ingredients in shampoos can cause your scalp to produce excess oils to overcome the stress of the damaging ingredients.

My experimenting:

  • Knowing that my soap is gentle and hydrating I decided to try it.  I am happy with the results.
  • I tried the moisturizer and lotions as well, but I was not happy with the results.
  • I do not need a conditioner!  My hair is long and combs out freely! 
  • The texture of my hair is very soft and no more itching! 
  • I have read that a mild vinegar rinse is recommended so I will be trying that and will let you know what I think. Update on the vinigar rinse - I did NOT like it.  Some people do.  I am wondering if the water that you use to wash with is a factor.  

     I have been using only my soap for the past 4 months.  At first, I wasn’t sure I would like using it, but after a couple of washings, my hair adjusted.  I guess it was getting rid of the buildup I had.   I have used several different varieties and they all seem to work the same for me.  It lathers great!  I have tried rubbing the bar on my head as well as lathering it in my hands first. Both ways worked fine.  It doesn’t take much!  I have a hunch that different water types my affect how your hair acts when washed with the goat milk soap.  We have very nice well water, no softener.

     My hair and scalp feel different than they did when I used shampoo and conditioner but a good different!

     I have not tried any soaps other than mine so this is the results that I have had from only Harvest Hills goat milk soap!  Other home-made soaps may be fine also, but I know that the amount of goat milk in my soaps make it extra rich, nourishing and hydrating. 

     Experiment and let me know!  I may work on a shampoo bar, but I am not sure yet, so far, the soaps I have to offer seem to work well for me.  I want to know what others think so drop me a note if you try!


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