Skin Issues? Let's Think About It

Skin Issues? Let's Think About It

When choosing skincare, the choices can be overwhelming.   Expensive, high end skincare brands make great claims as to how their product can do the “miracles” that we are looking for.  Maybe your doctor has recommended that you invest in prescription skincare because of allergies or other issues.  Sometimes we just give up and use whatever “because it doesn’t really matter”, we just don’t know what to do and it is too expensive anyway.  Or, we never really thought about it!


Let’s think about a couple of things before choosing or continuing with a skincare routine?

  1. Is what you are using really giving you the results you are paying for? Is your skin glowing and healthy?
  2. What is in your skincare? Many ingredients are linked with cancer, allergies and are irritants. 
  3. Do you feel that using anything other than water on your face is going to cause problems?
  4. Do you have “unexplained” dry itchy patches?
  5. Does what you are using need to have so many ingredients? What are those ingredients anyway?

Now, what if you could use products on your skin that contained clean, natural ingredients.  No sulfates, parabens, phthalates, fragrances or formaldehyde. 

If you think this may be something that you would like to have on your skin, you are in the right place!  Check out our products! 



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