Rocky' First Day on Our Farm

Nubian buck, Rocky' First Day on Our Farm     farm pond, Rocky' First Day on Our Farm

Rocky                             Rocky's Swim

Rocky' First Day on Our Farm

One year I was in need of a Nubian buck and so was a fellow goat breeder so we worked out a trade.  Both of the “boys” were about the same age and came from nice stock so we made a deal.

I did the transporting which was close to an hour drive and since the goats were still on the small side, I used the minivan.  This was our main mode of transportation for our goats because we did not have a trailer or covered truck.  It worked well and the animals were comfortable traveling in it.

That is except for Rocky!  Actually, he was not comfortable with people and was a wild boy when I met him.  I was not experienced with wild goats.  Mine are spoiled!  We could barely handle him and I remember thinking we are going to die on the way home!

Once we got him secured in the back of the van and started driving he calmed down.  Maybe he was in shock or just enjoying the ride.  Either way I was grateful. 

We arrived home safely.  Now time to get him into the pasture.  Ha!!  All was “OK” until my dogs came and Rocky went crazy.  I had to let go or loose my hand.  I need to stop here and give a short description of our barn area.  The front of the barn overlooks our pond with about 30ft. between them -  Better to look at the picture! 

Back to the story.  Since Rocky the crazy man was on the loose I decided to entice him with grain and I got a leash.  I got back out of the barn and he was gone!  As you can see from the picture, there is not really anywhere to go – except the pond!  There he was swimming across the pond to the girls on the other side!

The girls didn’t know what to think.  Ears erect and eyes wide they watched as this creature emerged from the pond with composed elegance as if to say “Hi ladies!  Here I am.  Impressive huh?!”  They were impressed.  The whole scene was very comical and I still wish I had been able to record it. ( I didn't know goats would swim, but I guess they can if the situation presents itself!)

Now Rocky was happily in with the girls and thankfully we had a couple more weeks before anyone was likely to go into heat.  He was still afraid of me and I could not catch him so I spent time in the pen and he watched as the girls came to me for attention.  Eventually he warmed up to me and I was able to move him in with the boys. 

He is still a bit “emotional” and he loves me now.  He is very handsome and “masculine” except when he opens his mouth!  What comes out is a medium pitch squeal which sends me and anyone around into laughter.  I can’t help but love him.  He is such a handsome “dork”!


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