Goats “Discovered” Coffee! Goat herder noticed goats full of energy

baby goatbaby goat in pasturesmiling happy goat



Goats “Discovered” Coffee!

This story was brought to my attention by my cousin, Cheryl Reed.  As the story goes, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi, noticed that his goats became very happy and energetic while eating the berries from the coffee plants.  He tried some and also had a burst of energy!

One day a monk was passing by and notice the happy, energetic herd of goats with their goat herder and stopped to inquire.  This was an answer to prayer for him because he was always having trouble staying awake during prayer. 

The monk was the one who started drying the berries and brewing them into the beverage that is so widely consumed now!

So, if you love coffee, thank a goat!

BTW, Cheryl has a farm/retreat in Ecuador where she grows coffee and shares her dream life with others!  Here's her site  Above the Clouds

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