Tips on Caring for your Feet - Foot Health Matters!

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Tired, sore feet?

How many of us think about what our feet need, unless they get hurt?  It’s so easy to overlook, or not even know how important it is to take care of our feet regularly.  It is amazing how good foot care affects your whole body!

Simple things like a good scrub while in the shower.  Personally, it is easy for me to assume they are getting clean because they are in the soapy water.  However, like the rest of our body, they need to have the dead skin sloughed off to keep them healthy and fresh.  There are nooks and crannies that are easy to forget, but a good cloth or brush with a gentle soap (how about our goat milk soap) makes a big difference!

After the shower don’t forget the moisturize them as you do the rest of you!  Use the same moisturizer or use our Foot Cream and give them a good massage!  Before bed is a fantastic time for a really good foot massage with our Foot Cream.  When your feet relax, generally the body follows.

Here are some other tips for happy feet:

  1. Make sure your shoes work for your feet!
    1. Is there room for your toes to move? 
    2. Are they comfortable across the bridge?
    3. Are your feet able to flex and work the way they are designed to work? Sometimes proper flexing is more important than arch support.
  2. Comfortable socks that breath! Cheap is not always better.  If you can afford good socks, make the investment.  They will last longer anyway!
  3. Calluses may need a bit of filing to help get rid of them. Removing calluses does not mean your feet will not be as tough, just that they will be healthier.
  4. Regular toe nail trims!

Your feet work hard for you!  Take good care of them!  They need to last your life time!








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