CHARCOAL SOAP Great for troubled skin!

CHARCOAL SOAP Great for troubled skin!

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   This soap is the best! Not only do you get the wonderful benefits of a natural soap, the fresh goat milk to help your skin be radiant and healthy, but you also get the clarifying qualities of charcoal! 

Charcoal has been helpful with:

  • shrinking pores
  • controling oily skin
  • healing acne. 

  Many great testimonies on this one!  It also detoxifies, gets hard to remove dirt off and deodorizes. 

     As mentioned, people have found our Charcoal Soap to be very helpful for oily skin and is best used every couple of days or at the most, once per day.  Pair with our Tea Tree or Lemongrass Lavender  for daily use of our Goat Milk Soap.

    This soap also pairs nicely with the Sunscreen which is made with zinc oxide or Unscented Facial Cream with Shea Butter.  Use either lightly at night.  All are great for helping to heal acne and troubled skin!

****Another GREAT use for this soap is getting skunk smell off pets! (Or you!)

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