baby goat with goat milk lotion

Top 10 reasons for Pure Goat Milk in Skin Care

   We use 100% pure goat milk in our products -fresh from our farm.   Here are the top 10 reasons fresh goat milk is the best.  Other that goats are wonderful!


  1. Fresh goat milk is high in fatty acids which our skin needs to be soft and healthy.
  2. Goat milk soap is very close to the natural PH in our skin which helps relax our skin from trying to get the PH back to normal.
  3. It has natural caprylic acid that gently removes dirt with out stripping away our natural oils. Our skin needs oils, just not too much.
  4. It is high in Vitamin A which is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  5. High in vitamins such as B group, C and D.
  6. Has natural selenium which our skin and body need to stay strong.
  7. Since it is rich in fats, it helps retain the lipid barrier on our skin, thus helping our skin to retain moisture better which is helpful for dry and aging skin.
  8. Goat milk has the best AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). Lactic acid.  This helps naturally and gently exfoliate your skin keeping it fresh and healthy.
  9. Very helpful for preventing and healing acne. The above properties are what our skin needs to be healthy, therefore goat milk soap can be very helpful for preventing/healing acne.  See our Tea Tree, Charcoal and Oats & Charcoal soaps.
  10. Great for sensitive skin! Maybe this should have been number 1, but reading all of the benefits listed above, you can see that this soap is a winner for those with sensitive skin.  See our Unscented and Honey & Oats. 
  11. Here is a bonus tip! In addition to the gentleness of the goat milk, we also use high quality essential oils in the products that are scented.  These may give added benefits depending on what they are, and they are not irritating like fragrance oils.