Even Goats Get Dry Skin! Goat Milk Products Can Help Dry Skin

Even Goats Get Dry Skin!  Goat Milk Products Can Help Dry Skin

  Bambi the goat

   Many people have dry skin somewhere on their body. Dry itchy patches.  That one spot that won’t go away.  Most of us have had this problem at some point in our life!  Sometimes it is caused by the environment or maybe diet.  It could be genetic or hormonal, even an infection of some kind.

     I am not a doctor or even a scientist, just someone who likes to try natural first, so here is my opinion!

     MY first inclination is to change something in my routine that may be causing the problem.  Start with the easy stuff.  Once I changed laundry detergent.  Shortly after, several members of the family started having dry itchy patches show up.  I quickly changed back the problem was gone.  That was an easy one! 

     Sadly, it is not always that easy, but I have a suggestion that has helped others. 

     Most skin care products have water in them, and it is the number one ingredient.  Water can dry out your skin which leads to needing more products!  (Hummm!) This doesn’t seem to make sense, but water is not a moisturizer.  Using hot water can actually dry out your skin.  Don’t dismay, you can still take that nice hot bath or shower!  Just use a hydrating soap and moisturize immediately after.

     Our Goat Milk Bar Soap has NO water in it and it actually hydrates and nourishes your skin.  No stripping, just clean, fresh, healthy skin!  And there is no scum left on you! 

  Our ALL Natural Goat Milk Liquid Soap has water.  It is still very rich, silky and much less drying that commercial brands.  With all the hand washing necessary lately, you will be very happy to have a soap that will not dry out your skin!

     Our Moisturizers are also free of water.  These are my favorite to use directly after my shower.  You will not need much so be careful to not over do it!  You will be greasy.  Your skin will feel amazing and look great!

     The Hand and Body lotions have some water, but goat milk is the first ingredient and if the oils are combined, then water is third.  They are very rich and creamy, absorb quickly and are great for on-the-go applications! 

     I feel some of our products may be more helpful for dry skin mostly due to the essential oils that are in them – or not!  Here is a link to my suggestions.

     By the way, I  really do use my products on my goats because they really do get dry skin!

Note:  All of our ingredients, including essential oils, are carefully chosen because of the quality and natural benefits that they each offer.  These benefits are not FDA approved.  We do not claim that the user will see any changes in their skin.  We only suggest that others have found improvement. The user should do their own research to determine if they may be benefitted by using our products.

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