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Liquid Goat Milk Soap - Foaming - For Hands and Body

Harvest Hills Skin Care - All Natural Goat Milk Skin Care

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All Natural Liquid goat milk soap in an 8 oz foaming dispenser

     Oh, this is a delightful soap!   You will love using it as a body wash or just for hands at the sink! You get just over 8 oz of this beautiful amber soap in a foaming pump dispenser and it's rich and silky!  Plus... it will not dry out your skin because of the goat milk!  The nourishing goat milk also gives the rich amber color.  

    Scents will vary from time to time but they will always be the same high quality essential oils used in all of my products. These new scents reflect the time of year - at least in Ohio. 

New Varieties!

  • Lavender -  Fresh, pure Lavender
  • Lemongrass Lavender - A very popular scent in the other products.
  • Vanilla Cimmamon - Pure Organic Vanilla powder and pure cinnamon essential oil!  Yum!

 "Full Timers"

Unscented - Of course no essential oils. 

Fresh-N-Clean - I love this one!  It is a mix of essential oils that are known for being antibacterial and it smells so fresh and clean!  The oils are Pine, Cajeput, Tea Tree and Orange.  

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